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Let Us Solve Your Roofing Problems

No one is prepared for when a roof fails, but how you respond is key to the safety of the home and its inhabitants. Allow Andy Undy’s Roofing (Vic) Pty Ltd to ensure your roof is reliable, offering you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Our Services

Re-Cementing, also known as Re-bedding and Re-pointing

Re-bedding involves removing the old cement from under the ridges/capping and replacing it with fresh cement, while re-pointing involves replacing coloured flexi-point sealant for a longer lasting roof. This prevents and fixes any leaks that may occur, and keeps the ridge or old cement from falling off and blocking up your gutters.

Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning removes all moss and dirt from roofs and makes your roof look like new.

Replace Broken Tiles

Sometimes Leaks can occur from simply a broken tile. We can source the brand and make of your tile and colour match it as best as possible. 

Fixing Leaks

Leaks can occur from a number of events including broken tiles, cracked or broken cement that holds your roof together, worn-out valley irons and gutter blockages. We have a number of solutions depending on the problem such as re-bedding or re-pointing.

Roof Restorations

Roof Restorations can include pressure cleaning, re-bed and re-pointing, and changing valley irons.

Repair Lead Flashing

On some roofs, Lead flashing is used in-between the joints in the roof to keep water out. We can replace damaged or broken lead flashings to help prevent leaks.

Roof Painting

If your Tiles are looking dull, have fading paint or you simply dont like the colour of them, we have a range of colours for you to choose from to refresh your roof. We use 'NU ROOF' painting products due to their long lasting protection Uv Resistance and fade resistance. 

Repair Gableboards and Skirting

The gableboards and skirting is the triangular part of your roof that sits under tiles and ridge. We can replace damaged or rotten boards to help prevent leaks. 

Whirly Birds

We can install whirly birds to tiled roofs to help heat and moisture escape from inside the roof.

Storm Seal Installation

Storm Seal is a hard foam that goes inbetween valleys and edge tiles. This prevents leaks that occur from the valleys.

Clip installation

Short Course clips are used to prevent the top row of cut tiles or waller cuts from sliding down, whereas Valley clips are used to prevent cut tiles from the valleys or hips from sliding down. These are installed to prevent leaks and to prevent tiles from either being blown off the roof or blown into a gutter causing gutter blockages.


If you are adding a new room or a garage to your house, the roof will also need to be extended. We can help find the closest tile and colour match to your roof.

Replacing Valley Irons

The Valley Iron is the metal slide-looking item on your roof that joins the two parts together. We replace damaged or rusted valley irons ensuring the water goes down into the gutters instead of into your roof.

Gutter Cleaning

We will remove everything from your gutters, preventing fire hazards as well as drain/gutter blockages. These dangers could create an overflow of water, sending it off the sides and possibly into your roof.

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